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Development of sustainable portfolio management for a global chemical company

Our client asked Arthur D. Little to develop a new methodology to assess the sustainability of its portfolio.


The sustainability of a portfolio is dependent both on environmental footprint of the products and the market perception of the products and associated applications. Challenge was to develop a new methodology that would include market perception on sustainability and indicate associated risks and opportunities.


  • A novel methodology for sustainable portfolio management (SPM) has been developed based on both a) environmental footprint of the product and b) the market perception on the product and application
  • The methodology has been developed in cooperation with Dutch organization for technological research TNO and is fine-tuned over several years in close cooperation with the client
  • The SPM method helps to identify risks and opportunities within the client’s company based on market perception of its portfolios’ sustainability
  • Arthur D. Little annually provides a peer review of the companies’ SPM assessment


The SPM methodology has received various awards and external recognition over the years. The client integrated the SPM methodology in its business processes including M&A and research & innovation.

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