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The Little difference

Our employees make the difference. 

In consulting, it's the people that make the difference. Here are some excerpts from the lives of our employees that show just how.


Ulrica Sehlstedt

Career stage: Partner
Joined: March 2007
Practice: Healthcare
Office: Stockholm

I joined Arthur D. Little as a senior hire with eight years of experience from executive positions in the life science industry. My passion is for business and organizational development, and this is what my work at Arthur D. Little is all about. Solving our clients’ most difficult challenges in a true teamwork environment with intelligent, inspiring and energetic people is challenging, rewarding and a constant learning experience. From the very first day, I was really impressed by the professional, supporting and prestigeless attitude I experienced at Arthur D. Little, both between colleagues at all levels and in the interaction with clients. From the feedback we receive from our clients, it is evident that they too appreciate the Arthur D. Little teams’ way of approaching problems and create sustainable results in a side-by-side way of working. And that is what really makes my day – A satisfied client!


Johan Geterud

Career stage: Principal
Joined: September 2010
Practice: Strategy and Organization
Office: Stockholm

During my studies I tried several different internships, e.g. investment banking in London and business development projects. This taught me that I am most stimulated and high performing when problem solving in complex business environments with high people interaction. Working as a management consultant offers this environment. I specifically chose to work at Arthur D. Little due to the brilliant and friendly colleagues, the entrepreneurial spirit and the great possibilities of personal development from day one.


Camilla Haaber-Bernth

Career stage: Manager
Joined: April 2008
Practice: Strategy and Organization
Office: Stockholm

To me, Arthur D. Little is a very special company to work at. We have an open and learning corporate culture and I cannot imagine better conditions for growing professionally and personally. It is really the people here that make the difference. It is a line of business that always introduces you to new challenges, and keeps you learning. Equally I enjoy the challenging cases and client interaction.

Business Analyst

Caroline Dedering

Career stage: Business Analyst
Joined: November 2013
Practice: Operations Management
Office: Stockholm

Coming out from school, Arthur D. Little is a company that provides you with everything you could wish for. The first thing I realized when joining ADL was how supportive, fun and inspiring my colleagues are. Everyone at ADL also has a mentor and a practice leader who are there for help, support and to provide valuable insights. This in addition to the mix of valuable input, responsibility, and teaching I receive from working at ADL is something I value very high. Working as a consultant two days never look the same and this excitement in combination with me knowing how much I enjoy solving complex problems and have a steep and fast learning curve were the major reasons why I wanted to do consulting. To be able to do this in an environment where the colleagues are unique, team oriented and intelligent is the reason I wanted to do consulting for ADL.