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Recruitment Process

At Arthur D. Little Nordic, we are constantly looking for outstanding candidates and we recruit all-year-round.

We use a combination of personal interviews, focusing on behavioural characteristics, case interviews that assess your approach to problem solving and case presentations in order for you to be able to showcase your ability to present your ideas.

The recruitment process aims at being a two-way evaluation. This means it not only gives us the opportunity to meet and challenge you, but it also gives you the possibility to get a better picture of Arthur D. Little and our people. Candidates will attend several interviews and will meet and be evaluated by several potential colleagues. The recruitment process can be thought of as being a five-stage procedure.

Stage 1

Application screening. All applications received are considered and carefully evaluated by one or two consultants.

Stage 2

First interview. Candidates of particular interest are selected for a first interview and are invited to meet with one of our consultants. The purpose of this interview is for us to get a personal impression of you as well as give you the chance to learn more about us. During the interview, the interviewer will discuss different topics with you, both personal and general, and you will also be given the opportunity to ask questions. Towards the end of the interview you can expect to be confronted with a business related situation (small business case). You will be asked to discuss the logic behind the situation and try to come up with a solution to the problem. The first interview is generally carried out by a Manager or a Principal.

Stage 3

Interview round. Should the first interview be successful, you will be invited to attend an interview round, where the purpose is to assess your skills and allow us to get to know you even further. The interview round is comprised a set of interviews with three consultants.

  • You will meet with three different consultants for about an hour respectively. Each of these interviews will resemble the interview of stage 2. As a part of the interview you may be asked to solve a small business case. You will always have an opportunity to ask clarifying questions. For the case discussion, please remember that in reality there are no single correct answers, there are many different ways to explain the logic behind a situation and to describe the solution to a problem. Rather, the case gives you an opportunity to show us how you structure your thinking and approach business-related problems. The case exercise also provides a way for you to understand our work by putting yourself in a consultant's position, solving a case. One important purpose of these interviews is to give you the chance to ask questions and learn more about Arthur D. Little.

Stage 4

Director interviews. Successful candidates from the interview round are invited to meet with one or two Directors. Generally the Director interviews are carried out the same day as the interview round, making it a full day of interesting and challenging interviewing.

Stage 5

Employment offer. Based on the performance of the candidate during the interview round and the director round, the management team will make the final decision on an offer. Successful candidates will be invited to a meeting with the Managing Director to go through the signed offer and resolve the final questions from the candidate.