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At Arthur D. Little, our Information Management experts can help you address a wide range of IT challenges.

IT Strategy

As your business develops, so do its IT needs. Taking your business strategy, your market and wider technology trends as our starting point, we develop an IT roadmap, IT architectures and resources planning to allow you to control your IT as your business moves forward. We enable you to:

  • Align your business and its IT, according to your company's desired IT capabilities
  • Realize synergies in IT following a merger
  • Prepare the IT landscape to provide better support for cross-border business processes, or establish a shared services center
  • Make the right choice regarding future IT platform technology
  • Define the right level of outsourcing and select appropriate partners
  • Plan the implementation of change and define an appropriate roadmap.

Strategy experience

Our previous experience in this field includes:

  • IT strategy for a major German energy supplier in response to the liberalization of the energy market
  • IT development planning for the telecommunications division of a high-tech company
  • Selection of an ERP software package for the international affiliates of a leading metal producer
  • Defining IT strategy and requirements for a plant engineering company


The success of an IT strategy is clearly visible in its implementation - and implementing of a complex IT programme requires professional project management. We provide limited-duration project management to ensure that project goals are realized, quality targets are achieved and project costs remain within budget. Our services focus on:

  • Company-wide multi-project management
  • Management of complex IT projects
  • Project audits and project turnaround
  • Set-up and introduction of IT project controls.

Co-Management experience

  • Roll-out of Product Data Management (PDM) at a large turbo machinery firm
  • Launch of multi-project management for the sales/distribution division of an energy supplier
  • Set-up and launch of IT programme management in marketing/sales for a carmaker
  • Co-management of numerous IT projects in a major transport and logistics group
  • Co-management of the post-merger integration of two internet service providers.

IT Governance

It is often necessary to realign governance rules and processes to ensure that business units' IT requirements are met. In many organisations, tasks and skills profiles do not match up, while responsibilities and task distribution are not clearly formulated. We can help your company refocus its IT organization in the classic hot spots:

  • Group IT organization and governance
  • Optimization of IT control processes
  • Performance and value measurement.

IT Governance experience

  • Introduction of IT platform management to reduce complexity at a leading transportation group
  • Streamlining of IT organizational structures and launch of binding IT planning and control processes in a leading airline
  • Development and implementation of new IT governance for a large European truck and engine manufacturer
  • Introduction of competitive consulting and service processes in a hived-off IT service division at an airline
  • Reorganization of IT tasks in response to integration into the parent company's IT systems for a carmaker.