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Training Programs

Arthur D. Little is dedicated to staff development through formal training, as well as learning on the job. Upon joining each employee is assigned a coach whose role it is to cultivate and develop not only professional capabilities in consulting practice, but also to be on hand for any help, advice and support.

Induction plays a crucial part for all new employees joining Arthur D. Little. Within the first couple of weeks of joining, new staff will have the opportunity to make contact with key individuals such as their coach, the Managing Director and other staff with whom they will be working. This will allow them to develop relationships rapidly and to gain a better understanding of the organisational culture, essential business processes and requirements, allowing them to settle quickly into work.

On-the-job learning
As a new member of our team, you will immediately find yourself immersed in cases, learning from our senior staff and working side-by-side with our clients. At Arthur D. Little you are hired into a job: you can expect to be involved in complex and challenging cases right from the start. Your career development is monitored by your case manager and coach, who provide advice and help you advance in the company.

International training
The majority of our training courses are international, with participants from all across our global organisation. These courses are not only designed to train our consultants' skills, but also to provide our employees with an international network of colleagues and friends through teambuilding and social activities. During the last few years most of Arthur D. Little's international training has taken place in Nice, Paris, Brussels and Barcelona. On average you can expect to take part of one week training per year.

Arthur D. Little's training programs help you polish and supplement the talent you bring to the firm. You will learn making effective client presentations, facilitating meetings, managing cases, and relating to various types of people. As appropriate, you may participate in marketing and sales classes.

In addition to the Arthur D. Little consultant training courses suited for different levels of your career, we also provide practice-specific assignments and briefing sessions, which give staff the opportunity to cover market and product information or increase their proficiency in a specific area. Examples of this are our highly appreciated courses in Financial management or Arthur D. Little's Strategy Methodologies. Our consultants also have a possibility to attend courses tailored to cater for their own needs. There are examples of employees taking courses in e.g. Visual Basic and languages.